Chic backyard ideas on a shoestring budget

If you live in a climate where you can enjoy outdoor living any time of the year – good for you my friend! There’s nothing as amazing as being able to get your tan naturally, enjoy fresh air, make barbeque with your friends and family any time you like or simply chill on the freshly cut grass or, if you are lucky – by the pool. But, since you are on this blog, something tells me you can’t afford a pool which is kind of cool because I can’t either. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great backyard and get there with minimal budget!

I’ve tried to find ways to make my yard look as better as possible with as little money as possible and, I believe I’ve managed to succeed. Since I know there are many of us out there struggling with money yet still having great taste for outdoor and interior design, I’m sharing my wisdom hoping to help out!

  1. Patio Seating – you can’t get away without a seating area

A foundation of any outdoor living area is comfortable and enjoyable seating, preferably with great and interesting design. Since the backyard space is often used for family and friends coming over, relaxing, and enjoying the fun time together, you need to provide a place for them to sit and stay as long as they like. Your get-togethers won’t be nearly as pleasant as you want them to be if people have no place to sit.backyard-patio-ideas-10

So, buy any type of durable patio furniture that’s comfortable and looks great. Even though you’re probably thinking you’ll have to break the bank in order to buy this set, you’re wrong. Many outlets have discounts all throughout the year so it’s worth exploring. Also, if you live in a climate where seasons change normally, you could look at buying patio furniture during winter days when the prices of summer items are almost half off.

  1. Nothing like the Lights

Is there any better way to set the mood but lights!

All you need to create a relaxing, intimate atmosphere for social gatherings or at-home date nights are string lights and an extension cord. Even though you are probably drooling over those expensive, more complex options of yard lights, with your budget – there’s nothing wrong with simple Christmas-style string lights. They may even look better than those other pretentious options. These lights will give the yard charm and elegance.

A piece of advice, though – when looking at buying lights for the yard, make sure they actually are outdoor lights. The last thing you want is messing something up with electricity if it rains! Also, buy some nails, a staple gun or adhesive hooks – you’ll need these to install lights along the beams of your patio. Of course, you can place them between trees, light poles or other tall objects in your yard.

If you ask me – go for single-color strands. They fit best with the rest of decorative items in the yard.

SUN SHADE 3 WITH SIDESIf you are looking at going nature-friendly and inexpensive at the same time – explore the option of solar lights. They are easy to install and can be placed literally anywhere, just as long as they get enough sun rays to charge.

  1. Shade sails

Shade sails are an incredible yet pretty inexpensive option for an enjoyable backyard enjoyment. No matter how great it is to have nice weather and Sun all throughout the year, the whole sunny thing can get a bit annoying. You can’t sit without having to squint your eyes, sweat and what not. This is why shade sails are a great option – they protect from the sun, and make the space instantly look more luxurious! Great thing is you can have them installed or install them yourself. Shade sails online are an option too. Meaning, you can make a cup of coffee and browse limitless options of patterns and shade sails colors from your chair, then order them and enjoy your wonderful yard!

See? Sorting your backyard is a pretty easy thing to do if you have all the right advice. Don’t forget to decorate the yard a bit more – add some interesting elements, put a candle on the outdoor table, plant bushes and flowers and enjoy!


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  1. The top image is ideal, indeed. Stepping stones, some shrubbery that also works as sound isolation, and an eco shade… Can’t get simpler than that 🙂

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