Cheap fixes to boost the value of your home

Do you want to improve the look of your home without spending a fortune? This is a wise decision if you are intending to sell your home or just want to refresh the living space. In order to do this you need to have a good strategy and pack on a lot of patience.

Light modification

One of the most common mistakes people make when furnishing a room is choosing only one type of lighting. People usually focus only on a chandelier or ceiling light that illuminates the entire room. The chandeliers are definitely an essential part of the atmosphere or a room but they should be used only for appropriate occasions. Each room should have a number of functions so try to highlight specific parts of the premises based on the activities that occur in them.

You can install the low hanging lamps over the furniture and tables with a directed beam of light that creates a pleasant home atmosphere. By placing a few glaring spotlights from the ceiling which will meet with a couple of blurring lamps from the corners you can provide a pleasant and a welcoming effect.

Change the position of the furniture

This is a thing that will not cost you a dime. You should be very careful not to hurt your back while doing this. With a little thinking and planning ahead you may do this easier than you think. For a change, try to do something about the symmetry of your old furniture and put them in different angles than usual. For example, if your room is narrow and elongated the sofa in the corner makes it look a little too regular. Get creative and try not to block the windows or the door but above all try not to lean the furniture against the wall.images (3)

Paint over

Change the color of your walls because this is without a doubt the most effective change that you can do with a small budget. This shouldn’t be too hard to do. This can be done in a few hours and your only need some paint and plastic covers for your furniture.

Choose the color wisely because every color influences our mood in a different way. Semi-dispersive colors are suitable for this occasion and they are relatively inexpensive. If you are wondering how much paint you need you need to make some calculations. In order to successfully paint the ceiling and the walls in two layers you need around 2 gallons for a 200 square feet area. In addition, you will need one or two bottles of tonners for tinting and of course you will need a roller, a brush and a spatula. If you have any holes in the wall or chipped of plaster you should do a little plastering first.

Hang pictures, posters or mirrors

Paintings, posters and other works of art can really change the character of a room. It does not need to be top-quality art. Make sure that this piece represents something that will cheer you up when you see it. The family portraits are also a good way to go. This will say a lot about you for your guests and at the same it will make a room look more pleasant and warm.

Plants as a decorative element

The natural beauty of plants is something irreplaceable if you want to give more life to the room. As you know the plants are generally cheap especially if you get one form your neighbor. Visit several local flower shops and find out what plant is most suitable for your living space. If you do not have a lot of time for plants you should consider some artificial flowers that will have the same effect on your home. They require only some occasional dusting. Even artificial shrubs and trees are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years.


Proper floor coverings can radically change the look of your room and boost the value of our home. If you have old carpets consider replacing them or even removing them from the room. You can also think about purchasing those ‘’wall to wall’’ floorings which do not necessarily need to be expensive. If you like your old flooring you can think about having the waxed which will dramatically refresh your home.



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