Build Your Own Garden Paradise

imagesPeople usually say that it is far easier to live in a flat. It is much cheaper to maintain, you don’t have all the costs and the bills for the flat are much easier on the wallet. Also, if you live in an area where the heating is needed, then you know how hard it is to keep a house warm. Plus, there is the saying that a house will eat all your money because it is constantly needed to do something around it, to fix something, buy something and invest in something new. However, all that pays off and all that is easily forgotten once you open that back door and take a long soothing look of your garden paradise which is possible to have only if you live in a house. Here are the things to think about when making this private oasis of peace for you and your loved ones.


This is the thing that needs very thorough and gradual planning. First, don’t do all exotic right away, especially if you are not a gardening expert. You don’t have to plant all at once and you can build your way to the look that you are opting for. But you need to plan and plant ahead. Make sure that you plant all the big things first. All the trees and bushes need to find their home first, so that the smaller plants can have their place later as they will fit in more easily. Trees are needed for the shade and some of them will even treat you with fruit if you choose carefully. Don’t forget that some plants don’t work well together and cannot really live next to each other. Also, consult seasoned gardeners to check which plants like the climate you are having. When you are done with that, see what you can use and try to plant in a way that you have something flourishing every month throughout the season because this will make excellent changes in your garden.

Pavers and Décor

There are many types of pavers for your garden. You can choose the concrete kinds: poured or stamped but they easily crack and easily stain. Perhaps, the stone is a better option but there are tons of choices there as well. Gravel is cheap and easy, but it weeds instantly if not taken care of, granite is lovely but pricey too, sandstone and limestone tend to be the most common and the best choices. Check them all one at pavements online for better idea about your choices. Besides the pavers, you may want to make a puddle of water or even a little fountain going on in there. You just need to plan that ahead and install it before any planting done because of the pipelines. Bear in mind that a lot of bugs and mosquitoes live in those puddles so you’ll have to do something about it.img8

Chairs and furniture

Once the planting and the decorating is ready, you just need to walk to the store and find some furniture that fits in perfectly with the style of the garden that you chose. If you are really handy and good with DIY projects, you may want to make a garden table and chairs or simple benches yourself. They don’t have to be the finest and the best craftsmanship around, but they need to blend in your garden and give you comfortable feeling. Also, if you have the space, plant two trees next to each other and have that hammock ready as soon as the trees are strong enough. Even if you don’t use it frequently, it is quite effective and soothing to look at.


You can invest all the money that you want and even hire experts to make and plan your garden, but if you don’t have the time to maintain it, you should forget about the whole thing right away because garden needs your attention at all times or it turns into a desert-like area or a small jungle of weeds.

One thing is for sure, if something is worth your time and money, then it is your own garden in which you can relax and feel proud about the work you’ve done there.



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