Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Being the heart of your home, the kitchen is the first room that comes to mind when there are talks of remodeling. But, if you are on a budget, changing the entire set will probably cost you an arm and leg. So, what do you do when you want to give your kitchen a makeover and yet not make a hole in your pocket? Here’s what! Oh and – all the advice we give you here are projects that can be done by only you. Still, if there is a professional around and wants to help – why not!

  1. Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing you see in the kitchen are kitchen cabinets. They are the glue that hold the whole kitchen together and they give the entire room a certain vibe. If you feel your cabinets are outdated and they kill the warm vibe your kitchen should have, or you just need something new and fresh – don’t bust out your wallet just yet! Opt for repainting your kitchen cabinets any color you like! You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do for your space. For the paint to have that fresh and glossy look, use sandpaper to peel off the old paint.

  1. Kitchen Backsplash

You have probably noticed already that kitchen design pretty much revolves around backlash. Everybody seems to be loving it. Highlighting a certain part of your kitchen without having to attach wallpaper or paint it has never been easier. The area above the stove or sink is usually the premier spot of the kitchen as it’s most often highlighted with backlash.

Not only will this backlash look stylish but it will as well protect the wall from common cooking stains, splashes and grease. Even though many would usually go for tile backsplash, this endeavor can get pretty expensive. Other, cheaper options are ceramic, vinyl, wood, glass or porcelain.

With it becoming so popular, there are variety of designs and patterns you may enjoy. Just remember this is something you’ll be staring at while cleaning or cooking, so make it pleasant on the eyes. Also, you may want to choose something completely different to your previous kitchen design – inject life into your “new” kitchen!images

  1. Open Kitchen Shelving

The open kitchen shelving is so chick! More and more homeowners are going with open kitchen shelving – it makes the living room look bigger and it, for some reason, looks really rich. If your kitchen is small, open shelving will “open” it.

What you would need to do to achieve this open shelving is to remove the doors from some of your open cabinets. Once you have, sand and paint the interiors and color you feel is right. Again – a coat of paint will do magic for your interior! Open cabinet display gives you an option to show your gorgeous wedding china or those colorful plates and mugs  you’ve always loved so much, yet you never got to show them to anyone.

If your kitchen has low ceilings and you wish for the ceilings to appear higher, you can pull the open-cabinets trick on your top/upper cabinets. You can store things all the way to the ceiling. It will most definitely raise the eye.

  1. Under cabinet Lights

Installing under cabinet lights will give your kitchen a really special feel. Mostly, kitchens are lighted with chandeliers or pendants and for who knows what reasons, these are usually placed in wrong locations. To add additional light most homeowners opt for installing under cabinet lights. This is a somewhat complicated and dangerous thing to do on your own, so hire a professional or ask a friendly neighbor to help out.

Play with lightening in other ways, too – the room will appear wider if you lighten the perimeter of the room.

  1. Basics

Sometimes, when we feel like redecorating, we forget about the basic things we can do in a blink of an eye. Here are some ideas you may have omitted

  • Colors do wonders: change the colors of your kitchen curtain, placemats, and napkins you use while dinning
  • Rearrange things: it’s probably impossible to do a swap of the entire furniture in the kitchen, but don’t you think moving the table to the other corner would give the room more space?
  • Hang wall art: hang a picture or two in the kitchen, or if you’ve already got a couple hanging, replace them with another two. These don’t necessarily need to be pictures/photos of foods – use some colorful abstract art that’s pleasant to look at, yet has a warm feel to it
  • Decorating your bar with some new wine bottles is also a good way to make your kitchen stand out. Just go to the nearest bottle shop and buy the ones you like the most.
  • A few touches: hiring professionals to do some plastering would be a great idea – they are not expensive, yet they can do wonders for your space



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