Birthday party themes and decorations for girls and boys

Good thing about planning the celebration of birthday for kids is that they are very easy to please. With gifts, cakes and enough space to run around, you do not need much more for the party to be a success. However, you probably want to make that day special and exciting for your child. You do not need to hire theater group to impress the kids, or a 5-star chef, but definitely they would want to see something unexpected and fun to impress their friends and make it a fun experience. Birthdays come once a year, but that doesn’t mean that your children cannot have fun the whole day. There are a lot of ideas for decorations and themes of the party, to make your kids smile from the moment they wake up.

Dance party

Birthday party themes and decorations for girls and boys by

Begin with pushing furniture against the wall for children to have space to dance, then set up a full range of colorful lights and children’s favorite songs. Cover the ground with bubble wrap, use a lot of helium balloons tied with plenty of bands so that children can catch them and yank, have confetti cannons ready to shoot and put a white cloth over the table which would make candy stand out more.

Pirates party

Thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow, pirates have become big these days, so if you want to give your child a pirate party, include a treasure hunt and start teaching children some pirate slang (sailors, water, sweet salty, arr, aboard, etc.) Decorate the room with pirates motives, include hidden treasure chest full of chocolate coins and candy, make a map and leave clues until kids find them and put up some traditional pirate flags. For invitations you can print templates including hat, eye patch, mustache so all children will know what to expect and enjoy the party.

Tea Party

What girl doesn’t like dressing up in frilly clothes, fancy hats, and gloves while drinking tea and eating cute cakes? State in birthday invitations it’s a tea party. All the girls can dress accordingly and you can give away tiaras at the door when they arrive at the party. When it comes to decorating, set up white or pink sheets with lots of lace, some mini tea sets, and plenty trays with sandwiches children would like. Instead of tea, you can use juice.

Superhero party

Birthday party themes and decorations for girls and boys by

Your kid has a favorite Superhero? Throw a party in that specific style. Make the invitations with colors of the specific Superhero, their figure and logo. Put decorations related to the Superhero on the walls. For example, if your child likes Spiderman, put up a lot of little spiders all over the walls. Get balloons in Superhero colors. Inflate a lot of balloons and hang them in the room. The more the balloons the better effect it will be. The table on which food and drinks will be served, is best to cover with white sheets so that other colors of decorations would be more prominent. Of course, there’s no party without a nice Superhero cake. You can even give out masks of Superheroes to the guests. With the whole set of Superhero decorations, children would rejoice if there were an animator in Superhero suit to entertain them.

Be relaxed. Create a good atmosphere. Make sure that other parents know that their children are safe in your home. Promise them that you will be present during the celebrations at all times. Be friendly and helpful. Finally, every birthday party bears a certain amount of stress. Therefore it is important to start preparing in time. Only then will you be able to enjoy this special day. Also, remember that it is more important that your child has a lot of fun than what guests will think about you as a host.

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