Beautify Your Home with Soft Background Wall

What come into your mind when speaking of soft background wall? High grade hotel, restaurant, KTV? Soft background wall is not common in home decoration for people’s lack of understanding in its function. Soft background wall is a kind of decoration method that having soft material to decorate the interior wall. It has the function of beautifying space, anti-flaming, sound absorption, protection etc. Soft wall decoration satisfies modern people’s requirement to home decoration: safe, eco-friendly, fashionable.

The function of soft background wall

Function one: soften the space atmosphere

The material and color of soft background wall is soft. This makes it have the function of soften the space atmosphere.

Function two: improve the grade of home space

As for the special technology, material and luxury feeling of soft background wall, it can improve the grade of home space largely. The vertical feeling and stereoscopic sensation add score to home grade too.

Function three: good sound absorption

The flexible material used in soft background wall endows it good sound absorption performance. It can block noise in high, medium and low frequency.

Function four: improve sense of security and comfort level

Soft background wall is resistant to damp, mould, collision and inflaming. For kids and senior, hard wall is dangerous. Soft background wall has good shockproof and buffer function. It gives people sense of security and comfort level. If you do not like the soft background wall decoration idea for your kids, then you can read nursery wall decals ideas to find inspiration.

The style of soft background wall

Seeing that people has strict requirement on home decoration and their preferred decoration style is varied, here are four artistic soft background wall styles for reference:

Style one: Brussels

Brussels style inherit the design spirit of the architectural art of Middle Ages, combining with new modern European interior design concept and exquisite formative technology. It matches well with different style European modern furniture.

Style two: Casa Milla

The design concept is inspired by Casa Milla in Barcelona, which is famous for weird mould and graceful line. The roof of the apartment is strew at random and irregularity. The curve looks like the surfy sea surface. There is no straight line in its internal too.  Designers use smooth curve, soft color, fine texture to create Casa Milla soft background wall. It shows the love and longing of designer to nature from design and concept. This style is perfect choice for people love nature.

Style three: Cocoa Nil

The design concept of Cocoa Nil comes from romantic chocolate. Mesnier chocolate factory was selected as one of the most beautiful factories in the world by architectural designer. The exterior wall of it is decorated by blue iron stand and interesting colorful parquet. The designer of Cocoa Nil soft background wall uses these elements in it.

Style four: Sevilla

The inspiration of Sevi Niah soft background wall comes from Sevilla al qaddafi palace of Spain. Designers create Sevilla soft background wall with visual effect full of layering by combining lozenge moulding structure, black and gold color scheme, new three-dimensional contouring technology and double stitching.

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