Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Getting your backyard ready for any season doesn’t have to be a hard and expensive experience. Rather, you can make it an interesting family project or your personal endeavor and enjoy the ideas turned into reality.

If you are not sure where to start you should know that there’s no reason to worry – there are countless options and all of them just depend on what you wish to do with your space. Planting a small flower garden, sprucing up your outdoor furniture, getting creative with sprinkles and figurine arrangements – you name it! Believe it or not, these projects wont take you longer than a day to complete. Going full DIY on your backyard will unleash all that creativity in you and turn your backyard space into a true fairytale landscape!

  1. Make a plandownload

A good start of any successful project is making a plan that will get you through the entire experience. Your plan about re-doing your backyard should contain these elements:

  • the budget you can set aside for this experience
  • the realistic take on time needed for building your backyard
  • the space at your disposal
  • the idea and vision what you want the space to look like and understand if it’s possible or not to accomplish it
  1. Start building up

To have a gorgeous yard you don’t always have to spend loads of money on modern patio furniture. Much can be done with simple refurbrushing of your old furniture. Naturally, there isn’t much you can do if all furniture is worn out beyond repair but if all it needs is some fresh paint and tightening, you are set!

Your DIY refurbrushing project can begin with the use of sand paper and help of your family. Make re-doing of your yard a family bonding time. Have everyone use sand paper to strip down the old coat of paint and prepare the furniture for new shades and tones. When choosing the paint, pick a color that’s rather unusual and interesting, something that differs from anything you’ve seen in stores. Make it unique and adorable!

If you are a good handyman, then building up some furniture is also an option. You can use quality wood to build a backyard bench or a couch and a matching table. These will make for a wonderful backyard design.images

  1. Fill the cracks in

An interesting way to get creative with cracks and holes in your yard is to find ways to fill them with colorful and glowing objects. This way you’ll give that fun and magical vibe to the space.

Buy some glow in the dark paint to fill in cracks between your stepping stones. Combine it with great outdoor lighting and you’ll get an amazing backyard landscape.


  1. Get creative


Idea 1 – There’s so many items around the house you don’t use, yet they could use as a great add to the yard décor.
For instance, using glass bottles as flower holders will make for an interesting decorating element. If the glasses are of fireproof glass you can turn them into lanterns that you’ll hang around the yard. You can also use jars for making backyard chandeliers. This project is inexpensive and crazy easy! Use some old canning jars in different colors (or paint them colors you like). Then, add a string of clear lights (some leftover from Christmas decorating perhaps) and you are set!


Idea 2 – You know those old tires you can’t bring yourself to take to the dumpster? Well, it’s good you still didn’t – use them as flower pots or little coffee tables. You can even turn them into swing sets for your little ones. Hand them onto a tree and let your kids have an unforgettable experience! Sound interesting? I know it does! I did the same thing with my yard and both my kids and wife love it. I didn’t have the tyres yet had the idea so I had decided I’d go and buy tyres on line.


Basically, getting creative with your backyard is the easiest thing in the world. All you should do is look around for items you can use and re-use and rely on your creative drive and you’ll create an amazing space you, your family and friends will enjoy!


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