Advantages of Paying a Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents have a diverse role to play in the buying, selling and leasing of properties. While one can easy come across homes via internet or other options, it is really advantageous to have a real estate agent by your side. They help property buyers or sellers in property deals. A well chosen agent is invaluable – read on to know more.


As per the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 20021, a legal property sale must include a written agreement that has been signed by a seller and a real estate agent representing the buyer. The agent is not just the intermediary who helps to relieve much of the stress related to buying and selling of properties but a legal part of the deal. They facilitate various roles including property search, negotiations, inspections, contract exchange and much more. It pays off to have an experienced realtor by your side when signing a property deal.

Helps save time

Conducting market research on your own can be highly stressful and time consuming. On the other hand, real estate agents are the people who have thorough knowledge of the potential available spaces that might interest you. They are the people who ensure that property viewings and inspections are done without a hitch. They know exactly what type of renters and sellers to approach and are proactive towards making a mutually profitable sale. They will take on the responsibility of organizing, attending, facilitating and negotiating with sellers. Your job is just to hint off the requirements and the options get placed. They will keep track of the prospective sellers and follow up the leads.

Getting you the local knowledge

Buying a new home involves a lot many crucial things than paying the price and relocating. The right agent will have a broad knowledge of the community facts and the ins and outs of a particular region. This generally will consist in-depth information of:

  • Housing prices
  • Demographics
  • Local politics
  • Public transportation system
  • Council fees
  • Crime statistics
  • Cultures and inhibitions
  • Schools
  • Recreation facilities

It is good to have your neighborhoods well researched before you choose to move in. Some localities can be unwelcoming and things become harder if you realize it later. If you have a family depending on you, these things get even more crucial.

Helps you closely monitor market conditions

The real estate markets follow it’ own bull and bear cycle. When buying or selling properties, it is important that you have close background information and thorough knowledge of the effective prices for your property in the market. If waiting for a couple of more months will get you a better deal; why the hurry? Getting the information is part of an agent’s role. They will have all the data necessary to help the process. The important variables therein involve:

  • Average cost of similar house per sq meter
  • Average and median sales price in the area
  • Average time spent by homes in the market
  • Percentage of property sales in past years
  • First listed price v/s final sell price (negotiation statistics)

All of this information will help you take a better course of action. It is good to have the statistics in place to determine the right time to involve in property deals.

Marketing and promotion of homes

If you are looking to sell a house, the real estate agent will be the one to get you a deal in the shortest time span and the best price. This may even include marketing, advertising, flattering photography of premises, events, online listings, and numerous other channels. Before a deal is signed between the seller and the agent, the possible marketing strategies will be an important topic to discuss upon. This does also relate to the budgets and the returns you are expecting out of the property.

Paperwork down to the finest details

Similar to any other legal transactions, property buying and selling involves a lot of crucial paperwork. The real estate agent takes the administrative responsibilities to have the entire necessary paperwork ready and ensuring that no future hiccups arise.


Buying, renting or selling a property is a major event in the life of an individual. A qualified and experienced real estate agent can be of great advantage. New owners are certainly now aware of the issues in the busy streets or the societal guidelines. It is the work of the real estate agent to find your dream home or get a possible buyer for your property. The fee is certainly worth it.



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