A guide to home security: Where to install and what to install

If you want to enjoy a secure living, you must never ignore the question of what to install and where to install. A residence can have multiple space division and every space has its own purpose, usage and requirements. Though, right from the beginning, locksmith services are responsible to find answers to these pressing questions through manipulating the experience and knowledge, but the owners must always be aware of the security needs of the residents. Without any doubt, a lock’s primary purpose is to impart security, but its user friendly operation cannot be ignored as well.

The use of locks is not limited to exterior doors only, but it is equally prevalent in the interiors of the residence. At times it is done as part of social customs and at the other times, it ensures the privacy of the individuals. Then, it is a widely accepted fact that the doors need a lock. But your file cabinets, your drawers and many other things are also supplemented with the locks and keys. So, here is the list of the areas in your house that must be installed with a lock.

Front door security: This is the most obvious and space to be locked down with the help of a lock. With a lot of variety in the sturdy locks for the front door, the deadbolts are the most frequently used ones. The front door lock has the security needs and its particular ornamentation need. The customized designs for the locks are also common to complement the interior of the entrance lobby. The approach is to use the simple operating systems on the entrance door as it is not accessed by only the inhabitants but the visitors as well.

Exterior space: Other than the front door, there are other exterior spaces like a rooftop, backyard and the patios. These spaces usually are connected to the exterior and are liable to unwanted access. The new locks installation in these spaces must be among the early measures of safety. So, it is essential to secure the doors to the rooftops, patios, garages and the back yards. These locks can be the deadbolts with simple designs. The French window of a patio can be supplemented with a beautifully designed ‘furniture lock’. The ingress points of these spaces cannot be overlooked.

Living Room: There can be multiple openings in the living room, but it may be unnecessary to install a lock on the living room. The fastening mechanism must be easy and should be quicker operable. The living rooms are designed for the general family gatherings and sitting, so the room does not have any specific privacy needs as well. But if you have a large window in the living that opens in the ground, think about an appropriate lock of it.

Bedrooms: The bedrooms do require a lock. The privacy of a bedroom is validated by the installation of a lock on the door.  It is done to create an individual territory within a territory. The people living in one house can enjoy their own privacy of bedroom with these locks that are installed by the locksmith services provider. In case you have to leave the house open for the maid, a room lock makes sure that she cannot enter into the bedroom in your absence.

Drawing Room, Dining Room and Kitchen: A latch and lever handle that augments the interior planning of these spaces are enough and there is no pinching need of a proper locking system. The same goes true to the kitchen and bathroom. The professional locksmith may consider the locking system for your store, depending upon the physical assets that are stored in it.

Within a residence, the different division of spaces requires a specialized security treatment. A single lock is not working on all the doors and at the same time, some of the spaces may not even need a lock.

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