8 Natural Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your House and Garden

Having mice or rodents in your house or even garden can mean total disaster. It is especially so if you are trying to grow a vegetable patch or something similar in your garden and the mice keep spoiling them. These creatures can also wreak total havoc when they infest the house. It therefore becomes absolutely necessary to terminate them from the territory that is rightfully yours. However, using chemical repellants can also cause health problems for the inhabitants of the house. Here is a list of natural ways to keep mice and rodents away from your house or garden –

1. Peppermint Oil

The smell of peppermints is too intense for rodents to bear. Peppermint oil therefore is a great option. A couple of drops on cotton wool placed at the entry / exit points works wonders. Alternatively, one can also grow peppermint plants near the vents from where mice enter. One can use the mint for cooking purposes also.

2. Seal The Entries

Mice can get in through even very tiny holes. Remember to seal any possible entry place for rodents or mice. If their heads can get in, the rest of the body passes through quite easily. This is the most effective of all solutions and can be achieved by using the green kitchen pads which are used for cleaning pans and other vessels cut to the right size.

3. Use The Steel Wools

Steel wools are very tough for mice to chew through and therefore is an effective barricade that can prevent the mice from using the hole to get back to the house.

4. Use Cat Litter

One can also place tubs of used kitty litter in and around the house. Mice can smell cat urine and will stay clear of residences which seem cat friendly.

5. Use Dried Snake Poo

Snakes are arch enemies of mice in the food chain. Placing dried snake poo around the house or at the entrance points emanates an odor that is picked up by the sensitive nostrils of mice. It is sufficient to keep them away. One can visit the local pet store, reptile center or the zoo and ask for dried snake poo.

6. Killing is Not an Option

Killing rodents like mice can provide relief only for a short while. This is because when animals are killed, more animals move in to use available resources. This can also result in a temporary spike in the food supply which is conducive for remaining rodents to breed. Thus this creates a vicious killing circle in which many animals die needlessly.

7. Try Humane Traps

Humane traps are those that mice can enter but cannot exit. Once rodents are captured in such a trap, it is advisable to release them at a distance of minimum one mile away from the house preferably in a wooded area. This gives them alternative places to go to. One can also find a range of traps for mice and rodents at Havahart Traps .

8. Electronic Repellents

Electronic repellents that emit beeping sounds are available in the market. The electronic devices emit beeps at a certain frequency that is audible to mice and they simply detest it. These do not affect the dogs and cats and can be bought at any local hardware store.

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