6 Proven Ways to Promote Your Property or Land That Is Up For Sale

Many property owners and dealers think that selling off a private property is a very difficult task but in reality, it isn’t. If you effectively promote and advertise your property or land that is available for sale then you can surely sell that off. And we are not talking about any real estate agent or manager here, it’s just you and your promotion that is going to initiate the selling. This way, you don’t have to share any percentage with the agent or pay heavily to sell your property, you can keep all the earnings.

In this article, we have shared 6 proven ways through which you can promote your land or property that is up for sale.

  1. The best location to place your advertisement is an online website. You can either place the advertisement on most of the classified sites found online or make use of some specialized web pages that will place and promote your advertised property or land. Those websites can be local or alternatively you will also be able to find websites that allow your ads to be posted on worldwide websites. Just remember that you don’t have to pay a dime to place your advertisement on the site.
  2. Some premium websites will let you promote your land or property for a little fee. This would be suitable if you can afford to pay for the advertisement. This option is known as PPC advertisement, i.e. Pay Per Click, which is very effective form of advertisement because you are going to pay for the clicks only. Furthermore, you will also be able to observe that how your advertisement is performing through daily reporting which will show you if the ad is successful or it need some amendment.
  3. Publishing advertisement in the local newspaper is another valued option. This type of advertisement usually works but it isn’t as productive in terms of performance because the total number of people who actually read the printed newspapers has been diminishing with the improvement and adaptation of tech products.
  4. Sometimes flyers can do miracles. You can try them and print a limited amount for experiment. These usually work because according to studies, mostly people move a few kilometers away from their previous home due to the easy access to facilities, school and offices. So if you place flyers in the mailboxes of the area surrounding your property or land then it might attract few potential calls or visits.
  5. Other than all the above, word of mouth is generally the best way to advertise or promote anything, yes anything! You can make your neighbors, relatives and acquainted networks aware about your villas in Dubai available for sale. Alternatively, you can use social networking sites to ask your friends to share the post with their friends along with the information about your property.
  6. The very first thing that you must have to do is place a ‘for sale’ mark at the site that is available for sale. This option is most suited to properties or lands that are located near frequently visited areas. And if you’re placing a sign then don’t forget to put your contact number on the sign so that enquirers can get in touch with you.

What You Should Include In Your Ad!

Whatever the advertisement form or method you are using; don’t forget to include the following information about the property or land that is available for sale:

  • Location, including city, street name, zip code.
  • Size of the land or property.
  • If your property is completed then include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as other features of your home.
  • Information about the neighborhood, like nearby landmarks.
  • Proper pictures of your property or land.
  • Your contact information.


Are you the owner of property or land and interested in selling it on your own then you have come to the right place. We have given away six proven ways using which you can promote your property or land that is available for sale.

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