4 tips for ex-pats moving home

Ok, so you’re an ex-pat and considering moving house, perhaps to another country… The main things that all ex-pats have to consider are linked to how to make the best living for themselves, while taking into consideration their education and available funds. Since moving as an ex-pat concerns all of the issues linked to other types of moving and more, we have compiled a brief list of suggestions to try and help in this period. So whether you’re amidst considering removals, relocation, or any of the things linked to moving house and travelling abroad, check out these following ideas!

1) A pre-visit
Now this is only talking about the ideal situation, but it’s great if you have some way of visiting the place you are thinking of moving to before hand. If this is possible it’s a great opportunity to do some research, especially if you are to be interviewed in the area also. This is true even if you can only visit for a weekend, or even only one day. If we are talking about moving to somewhere where this is possible, then give it a go. If you have got as far as receiving invitations back from perspective employers then this tip may hold especially, as you will have that all important factor of familiarity on your side, or at the very least, the possibility of knowing your way around a little better. This visit can also improve your knowledge of local companies when look for things like house movers, man and van hire, and cheap removals of any kind.

2) Going with your instincts.
When considering a lot of different options when moving abroad, there is a lot to be said for going with the option that seems most right for you instinctively. Decisions in this particular context are usually a mixture of career drive, prospection analysis, education, and other variables linked to current and future circumstance, so it’s no wonder that things can be a little over-whelming. However, the notion of going with our ‘gut feeling’ is one of the most over-used and misunderstood clichés. It does give us a root into the most important question(s) though. It’s more than likely that our ‘gut feeling’ is a mixture of all the variables mentioned above, but, what good is that if we can’t use it pragmatically and feel clear about it? One idea is to project all of the above – creating a landscape – into the places you are thinking about travelling to with the things you are thinking about doing there. Imagine it completely. Again, this is no more than something intangible for now, however, it’s a great way to get into a focussed mood and analyse your options from a positive vantage point.

3) Join an online ex-pat forum
We often immediately start to desensitise from situations connecting to moving abroad, new jobs, and new prospects etc, and imagine that we’re in it alone. We can all agree however that this is always far from the truth and a much more helpful attitude is to turn-off from our own ideas for a while, and open the conversation with other people going through the same types of things. It’s more than likely that when considering almost anything connected to travelling abroad, that someone else can give you a first hand idea of what things are like before you try them for yourself. Or if not, at least give you someone to talk to about things to alleviate the idea that you are in this situation by yourself.


4) Enjoy the freedom
As daunting as moving abroad can be, the freedom it allows is something that no one can really argue with. One way of looking at your new adventure is in questioning who you are, and not only in the obvious existential blasé sense of the idea, but in really going to work on it, and deciding who you are. This means everything that we imagine it to, coming from somewhere, with a particular background, and a particular set of qualifications etc, but why not go further than that and use this new opportunity to thrive on the fact that you can create your life as you go. Certain obvious aspects of our lives stick, however, when it comes to the rest, but why not double the possibilities and revitalise your new start with better descriptions of your life so far? With further incites… By thinking about this new journey creatively you put yourself in a position of energetic abundance, with the chance to make things happen exactly how you want them to.

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