4 Incredible Ways To Promote Your Property Online

When you’re selling a property, you want to give yourself the best-possible chance. With everything now online, you needn’t limit yourself to advertising in property magazines. In fact, there are many new, exciting ways to market your property. The emergence of social media and popular blogs mean that the internet  is an incredible marketing tool. Likewise, advances in technology have made way for new means of promotion online. Internet savvy marketers are now taking advantage of all the world wide web has to offer.

If you are in real estate, then it can’t hurt to add an extra avenue to your marketing plan. By taking some of your business online, you expand your audience and can find more buyers for each property you advertise. Here are just four ways you can market your latest property online.


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1. Find The Right Forum

It is likely that you already have your own website, where you promote properties. If you don’t then, you ought to think about investing in one. Regardless, there are many online forums, which promote properties. Find a forum that allows you to list your property for free. You can ensure that the listing has a link back to your original site, which will help your SEO. So long as the listings are free you can list your properties on as many sites as you like. You should work forum posting into your marketing routine. Each time you get a new property, just post a description and details around the web on various forums. The more pages that feature your property online, the more audience reach the advert will have.

2. Take A 360 Tour

You may have heard about virtual tours, but not be sure what exactly they are or when to start. The first thing you need to know is that there is more than one type of virtual tours. Many photographers now specialise in 360 photography, which is akin to the likes of Google Business View. Only photographers who have been through the Google tests can create a Google virtual tour. If you want a Google tour, look for a photographer who is certified by Google. You can look up people who have Google qualifications online. Of course, other photographers offer a similar service, without the brand name.

It would be worth making a good working relationship with a photographer, who can work on all your properties. Estate agents in Arnold have said that properties with virtual tours sell five times as fast as other properties. Buyers enjoy the experience of being able to look around the property without making an unnecessary trip.

3. Tweet About Your Property

The power of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is huge when selling anything. If you, or your real estate company, are on social media then you already have access to a huge market. Set your business up on Twitter and make a habit of tweeting about new properties as they go onto the market. Your followers will start to use your Twitter feed as a live feed of new property. Likewise, you should promote your properties on LinkedIn. Many businesses use LinkedIn to show clients their new stock and services, so why not you?

Facebook is a little more tricky. You should never post properties ads on your own Facebook page. Ensure that you make a company page where you can post links to your website advertising new properties. On the Facebook page, you should keep things interesting. Unlike on Twitter or LinkedIn, on Facebook you need to work hard to keep your likes and followers. Don’t restrict the page to updates about property. Post quirky news stories about property, links to your blog and maybe even a funny picture of two.

4. Write A Quick Blog

Your real estate company should have a blog. If it doesn’t yet, then it is time to get one. A blog is a fantastic way to connect with potential buyers, sellers and clients. The blog will also help your SEO and your online presence. Blog about everything from  market trends to new properties. You should decide on the tone of your blog before you begin. Some businesses go for an informal tone and update people on new developments and office gossip from their company. Others take a more formal approach, blogging about business as it comes in and talking only about serious matters. Choose a style that suits your brand. By putting up new properties on your blog, you can increase how many people see the ad.


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