Monthly Archives: March 2015

Creating an Outdoor Oasis is Easier than You Think

It is a well-known fact that man is most in peace with himself when he is completely surrounded by nature. It may be something primeval in man, something that has always been there, even before the birth of very first ...

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Slumber of your garden

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With the autumn drawing to an end, the time slowly comes for your garden to sleep. But, have you performed all the necessary preparations? If you are uncertain, you can go through this list of tips and tricks, which will ...

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How to Properly Water Your Garden

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Having a nice garden that decorates your yard or your home space is a great way to utilize the space around your house. It will bring a relaxing and peaceful place that you can use to easily escape your life ...

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How to greenovate your bathroom

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With environmental issues such as air, water and soil pollution, climate change, resource depletion and many others around us, we all want to make a positive impact on the environment in order for our planet to be green again. You ...

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Unique furniture that will spruce up your home


Home has always been our peaceful getaway from all problems and worries. It is our small, personal kingdom, our oasis of peace and harmony where we can forget about everything. All people are different in their own way. Like we ...

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Floor Painting Tips and Guidelines

As time goes by people often get bored of the looks of their wooden floors. You can go a step beyond the usual move of removing and replacing your old wood floors by repainting them instead. This will take less ...

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