Monthly Archives: July 2014

Fundamental Short Sale Requirements for Real Estate

The below information clearly defines short-sale and its fundamental requirements. Read carefully before getting involved in the process. The term “upside down” in finance industry refers to a particular home loan amount exceeding actual property value. Few homeowners are lucky ...

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How to Design the Ideal Home Office


When designing an office it is important to think about the comfort and the practicality of it in order to provide an appropriate productive atmosphere. The office should be the proper shape with plenty of natural light. Here are some ...

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Is it beneficial to rent furnished properties?

Read this article to know whether renting out a furnished place is beneficial or not? Statistics never lie! Current property ratios determine that property rentals are raking more business than property sales in UAE. People from corners have flooded in ...

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Four Ways to Your Own Villa Rental Business

Sink your teeth into above information and start your own successful villa rental business. Vacation rental business is the hottest trend nowadays which needs you to acquire such properties offering tourists ultimate relaxation and a memorable stay. Apart from customary ...

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Rug Rules You Need to Know


Rugs give the room its general and overall appearance. They set the mood, visually separate different parts of the room, decorate it and create that warm feeling beneath your feet. Choosing the right rug can transform your room entirely and ...

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Build Your Own Garden Paradise


People usually say that it is far easier to live in a flat. It is much cheaper to maintain, you don’t have all the costs and the bills for the flat are much easier on the wallet. Also, if you ...

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