Monthly Archives: February 2014

Feds Launch New Gee-Whiz Mortgage Data Aggregation Site

Mortgage Data Aggregation

Don’t look now, but the federal government seems to have developed a website that actually works! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the federal watchdog agency created under the Dodd-Frank financial reforms of 2010, has created a site that aggregates mortgage ...

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How to Set Up Workable Home Office


Surely, working from home has its benefits. However, besides the obvious benefits it has its downsides, as well. One of the most obvious downsides is the fact that you don’t really feel like you should get up from that bed ...

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8 Natural Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your House and Garden

Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your House

Having mice or rodents in your house or even garden can mean total disaster. It is especially so if you are trying to grow a vegetable patch or something similar in your garden and the mice keep spoiling them. These ...

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What makes the ultimate console gaming room?


You Need A Place To Call Your Own Finally! You got your hands on that cellar room you were ogling for  a while now. With a few tweaks here and there you can create the ultimate gaming experience of your ...

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Comparable Market Analysis in Real Estate Industry

Comparable Market Analysis in Real Estate

A property must be fairly assessed before you purchase it. This is to make sure that the price is based on the current conditions and demand in the real estate market. This is what a comparative market analysis is all ...

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US Real Estate Market See Unsettling Trends in 2014

National Housing Values, Real Estate Market

National Housing Values in United States ended 2013 with such an outstanding note, up 6.4% in the fourth quarter, according to the recent newsletter published from Zillow. The US House Value Store Index rise at $ 169,100 as of the ...

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Home Equity and Home Prices Continue Slow Climb

Home Prices are Headed Upward

The falling temperature of the chilling winter months doesn’t seem to have lowered home prices. In the fourth quarter, prices for single-family homes increased in 73 percent of American cities, a sign that we are still on track for recovery. But, ...

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5 Ways You Can Add Value To Your Property

Add Value To Your Property

It is always to the curiosity of home owners, especially property developers, “How can I add value to my property?” It is in fact not as hard as you think to increase the value of your home and there are ...

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How to Be Mosquito-Free In And Around Your House


You are out in the garden enjoying your evening coffee with loved ones and a sudden surge of pain and inflammation is inflicted on your skin! If your home and yard are infested by the monstrous and stingy mosquito’s, it ...

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Ways to Make a Small Space Look Larger

small room

Obviously, we would all love to have large and spacious flats and houses that have enough light and perfectly designed interiors. However, it is not impossible to make just a perfect living space with the flat that is not the ...

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