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Advantages of Paying a Real Estate Agent

Paying a Real Estate Agent

Outline Real estate agents have a diverse role to play in the buying, selling and leasing of properties. While one can easy come across homes via internet or other options, it is really advantageous to have a real estate agent ...

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A guide to home security: Where to install and what to install

home security

If you want to enjoy a secure living, you must never ignore the question of what to install and where to install. A residence can have multiple space division and every space has its own purpose, usage and requirements. Though, ...

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Cheap Ways To Increase Home Value

Increase Home Value

Currently, home owners are yearning to reap big rewards by selling their houses and hence they are devising the best ways to achieve their goal. Essentially, most of them have the idea of remodeling their houses to the extent of ...

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Get better social media results in 2014: 3 strategies that will up your game

Social media strategy for real estate

 I live social media for our brand day and night. It’s something I’m passionate about. But like many of you, I’ve had my pad and paper out and my browser windows open, writing down new ideas for social media in ...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Waterfront Property

Waterfront Property

Buying a waterfront property is a lifelong dream for many people. But when it comes time to buy, many homebuyers don’t know what to ask about the property they want to purchase. If you’re in the market for a home ...

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Mortgage Rates, Home Sales and Prices on the Rise

Increasing Home Sales and Mortgage Rates

Existing Home Sales Climb Sales of previously occupied homes climbed in December, making 2013 the best year of the housing market since 2006. That despite the gradual rise in mortgage rates last year. According to the National Association of Realtors®, ...

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Cash deals crush first-time buyers

Cash deals crush first-time buyers

First-timers comprised just 27 percent of all home buyers in December, the lowest share since that stat has been tracked. Morgan and Tyler Brasfield are “dying” to buy a home, especially since the birth of their second child six months ...

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Startup plans to use funding to further push into real estate market

real estate market

Real estate startup Planwise has closed a funding round with an investment from Second Century Ventures, a 5-year-old venture capital fund of the National Association of Realtors. San Francisco-based Planwise launched in 2011 and recently completed NAR’s’ tech accelerator program, REach. NAR does ...

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Back to Basics: What Property Expenses are Deductible?

What Property Expenses are Deductible

This week, I wanted to take a closer look at real estate tax questions that begin with the phrase, “Can I deduct,” and then mention the cost of fixing or upgrading something in the house. Sometimes the writer mentions that ...

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Home Repair Loans and Grants for Low-Income Americans

Home Repair Loans and Grants

Houses are a lot like cars in that if you don’t keep up on repairs, pretty soon they start to coalesce into one big, expensive pain in the neck. When the needed repairs are of a health or safety nature, ...

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