14 Things you Need to Consider Prior To Purchasing a House

Your emotions must not cloud the judgement that you make. When purchasing a house, your emotions can get in the way and can make a big difference.


  1. Visit at several times of the day-: windows that allow much light at day time might be peeping at night. The residential street that looks quiet may be noisy during evening or morning rush-hours. The adjacent school can look like nice perk if one is purchasing in summer and during school hours extra traffic and daily playground can be irritating so you can bargain for the price.
  1. Look in current newspaper archives-: you need to be sure that you are receiving details on what one cannot see. It can be that the water well by municipal has high levels of contaminants as well as some high-voltage power line can be in your backyard. One can also check with country or city for viewing if some other proposed projects are there.
  1. Converse with neighbours-: do you know the number of neighbours that you will be having? At first, it is difficult to tell when it comes to selecting rental homes.
  1. Request if neighbourhood is having an association-: how often neighbourhood get together are there? Is block party conducted each year? Individuals behaving this way will create a community. They will be looking out for the kids; they’ll be searching for homes. It would be safe and nice way of celebrating.
  1. Quiz sellers-: are the sellers aware of the issues faced by the house previously. 5 years back water would have damaged and has it been repaired. If the house is prone to the ice-dams, have preventive measures been taken.
  1. Go for home inspection-: usually every house has defects and some are curable. If you know the fixing requirements, you can negotiate on a lower rate. You can strongly consider inspection for radon, wood-eating pests, and lead paint.
  1. Past improvements detailed records must be obtained-: if you have been told that exterior of the house was painted 2 years back then look for receipt and you can think of repainting sooner.
  1. Simply don’t assume that remodelling would be snap-: if one is able to explain their ideas to sellers, one can glean valuable insights.
  1. Consider the view-: there are several neighbours having teardowns. Hence, watch the 2 houses on both the sides. If neighbourhood is having few teardowns then one among the homes can be one candidate.
  1. Request for utility bills-: the monthly summer cooling and winter heating bills can make payments unaffordable.
  1. See to the taxes-: ask for many current tax bills. This is because in few areas re-appraised houses are there and higher rates are levied.
  1. Confirm with city hall-: check into property’s as well as neighbourhood and liens, restriction related to property, and potential easements.
  1. Reconsider whistles and bells-: are you ok by living with detached garage, on-street parking, or one-car garage.
  1. Explore surrounding areas


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